Baby Steps

I’m currently trying to focus on getting something done instead of everything. Just like Darren Hardy says; “Small changes add up big results”. You’ll see results even if you just work a little every day. As long as you’re consistent. And I’ve really felt it since last week. I’m doing a little on every project every day and I feel like I’m going somewhere for real.

Things are starting to happen regarding work and I’m diving into research for P1. Looks like the upcoming days will be busy. This is basically what I’ve been doing;

Work and food. But I’m happy x AE <3

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  1. PositiveCapital says: Reply

    Great post! What’s your role in the company you’re working on? Are you an employee at the company or are you one of the founders? 🙂 have a great day

    1. I’m an employee 🙂 I worked for it in Stockholm and now they’re launching in Paris where I currently live, and I’ve promised to help them. My role is not defined yet, but I’m now working with recruiting. Have a great day yourself! 🙂

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