• Healthy Habits
  • Healthy Habits #3

    I’ve already made two posts about healthy habits that I’m currently applying, healthy habit #1 and #2. First it was nutrition and then exercise, two subjects that always seem to go hand in hand. So, have I made any progress? With the nutrition, I’ve been really good at eating everything except for sweets. I never have […]

  • Books
  • The Compound Effect – Review

    Title: The Compound Effect Author: Darren Hardy Area: Personal Development Do you feel like your life is miserable? Or that it’s good but could be better? Or that you just want to know more about success in all aspects of life? This is the book with a capital B. This is a crystal clear book about how positive […]

  • My Journey
  • Cloudy Paris

      Sunday morning and a cloudy Paris. The week is over and it’s time to look back at it and see what I achieved and what I could have done better. I still don’t have any wifi at home, so I’ve been ‘working’ on my phone, sometimes shared my 3G to the computer and one […]

  • Love
  • Focus on what’s meaningful

    We live in a very special and sometimes hard time. Many things seem to lose its value. One of these things is love. I’m proud to say I’m old fashioned in this field. I believe in true love I believe in long term relationships I believe in soul mates I believe in marriage For as […]

  • My Journey
  • Current Routines

    I thought I’d share my current morning/evening routines with you; Morning Routine The first thing I do when the alarm goes off, is to open my curtains to force myself to take in some sun light. Then I take a few minutes to think about three things I’m grateful for and then I visualize quickly […]

  • Business
  • Sacrifice Love for Success?

    In many success stories we hear about people who get so obsessed with succeeding that they seem to forget about time and space. Or just the people around them, even those who love them the most. Have you ever seen ‘Jobs’ about the Apple founder Steve Jobs? He was clearly an amazing innovator and entrepreneur, […]