Sacrifice Love for Success?

In many success stories we hear about people who get so obsessed with succeeding that they seem to forget about time and space. Or just the people around them, even those who love them the most. Have you ever seen ‘Jobs’ about the Apple founder Steve Jobs? He was clearly an amazing innovator and entrepreneur, but at the time as he worked his hardest, was he really happy and loved? He became so obsessed with the product, he forgot to cherish the people who had helped him to the top. And one by one, they left him. He even got fired from his own company. Once he started to work smarter and me more caring he made a come back to Apple and gained BIG success with the iPod, iPhone and the iPad…


Do you recognize this? The ones who work so much and choose to forget about their loved ones, end up perhaps successful but alone. Some might like it. But, personally, this will never be me.

Life to me is more than my career. It’s greater than my income. My career is an important part of my life, but so are my family, my friends, my love, my hobbies, experiences etc. Is a fast and great success worth hurting the ones that care about you? Is it worth to let them feel forgotten, unwanted and unsupported because you’re too busy with your own goals?


Believe me, you do have to work hard for your own goals. No one will do that for you. But it’s so so important to set off time to see friends, have a date with your partner, call your mother etc. I truly believe that giving them love and care will make them give you even more love and care to boost you with energy that will be useful when you work. It’s all about finding a balance and to never forget how important and healthy love is. Be egoistic, in a good way and always genuinely appreciate the people in your life.

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  1. You are absolutely right. Success is great and amazing, but in the end, I work to live, not live to work.

    We just wrote about this on our blog last Monday, on why following your passion is good and all, but not always the right choice. So much more goes into picking a job, and deciding what you want to do.

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  3. I so much agree with you! It doesn’t help to be rich and unloved!

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