• My Journey
  • Get To Know Me – Part 3

    Read part 1 here and part 2 here. Would you rather trade intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? Looks for intelligence. How often do you buy clothes? Not very often at the moment. Last time was in January, four months ago. Have you ever had a secret admirer? I think so haha. What’s your favorite […]

  • Happiness
  • How to Become your own Best Friend

    One of the best choices you can make in your life is to become your own best friend. The earlier, the better. But don’t worry. It’s never too late. I believe that we are souls in bodies that each have their own individual path. We can affect this path by setting up goals and visualize, but […]

  • My Journey
  • Get To Know Me – Part 2

    Read part one here. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? Yes, my current one is Andie and to my mother I’m Lillis which comes from the word ‘liten’ and means small in Swedish. I used to have the nickname ‘Addizz’ when I was about 13. Yes, with two Z’s… Do you like […]

  • Business
  • Update on TEDx

    A month ago I announced being part of a TEDx team here in Paris and preparing an event in May. Back then, we had only revealed one speaker. Now we have changed venue (to a really beautiful one!) and revealed 8 out of 9 speakers. It’s time for an update. Why is TEDxIHEParis Unique? The […]

  • My Journey
  • Get To Know Me – Part 1

    Dear readers, who’s behind these posts can sometimes be unclear. I don’t take many selfies and I don’t share too much personal information. I got the idea of answering get to know me-questions and found a list of a 100 questions (!). I’ll split it up into 4 parts. After a hundred questions you should have […]

  • My Journey
  • Reloaded

    My week as a 20 year old has started with so much new energy! I’m really excited this week to just work hard, invest time in business- and personal development, to do the best choices for my body and work on meeting a challenge that have come up. I really feel reloaded with energy, belief, determination […]

  • My Journey
  • Twenty

    Some accomplishments and experiences in my the last few years; At 16 I read my first personal development book and it changed my life At 16 I got into my dream school At 17 I met social innovators that are nationally known in Sweden At 19 I registered my first company At 19 I moved […]

  • France
  • Friday April 15th

      Yesterday I tried to take photos throughout the day to let you “follow me around”. Here’s what it resulted in; As soon as I got up I had a glass of fresh water. This always makes me feel more awake and good. To get me in a peaceful state of mind, I put on […]