• Happiness
  • Empower Someone!

    Now I’m all about personal development and being focused on achieving ones goals. But sometimes ambitious people tend to get so absorbed in their own little world that they forget to see the people around them and how they’re feeling. Sometimes someone close to you is feeling lost, unhappy, sad, lonely or something else that […]

  • Happiness
  • Mood Boosters

    I feel like I’ve become an expert in trying to boost my mood lately. Of course I let myself feel emotions like sadness but not too long. Hours of feeling down is not going to be a habit for me. So I try to cheer myself up after a while. Here are some of my […]

  • My Journey
  • Thank you, TEDxIHEParis

    It happened so fast. Too fast. Can I go back? To be surrounded by all these talented, intelligent and loving people? On Saturday, May 21st, it was finally time to kick off TEDxIHEParis which had been planned and organized for months. During these months of preparation I had become good friends with the organizer, Sabry […]

  • Happiness
  • The Intuition vs The Ego

    The intuition can be known as your soul’s voice, your gut feeling or your heart. When we tell people to listen to their hearts, it means listen to their intuition. The intuition is our inner GPS as my favorite book, “Drömliv”, calls it. It is our inner internet and carries so much knowledge and wisdom, […]

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  • Share Your Story

    Let’s get right into it; Starting in June, I want to share stories with you from people I’ve stumbled across the last few years. People who all have a story and a message they want me to share with you. They come from all over the world, with different occupassions and different stories. All to […]