• France
  • Two Weeks Left

    Oh the time flies! I only have two more weeks in Paris. Suddenly I have to book meetings with all my friends here in order to properly say goodbye. And I have to hurry up doing some things I still have on my list! This weekend I ticked off a few though; I went inside […]

  • Lifestyle
  • How am I a Careerista?

    A question I can imagine many of you have is; “how are you a careerista?” or “I don’t see a lot of career related content?”. Perfectly understandable. Let me clearify. At the moment I have a regular daily job which is not aligned with my career goals really, but more because I have to work […]

  • My Journey
  • Gypsy Life ♡

    I am a lover of my home country, Sweden. I love my city, Stockholm. This will always be my true home. But I’m also an exploring soul. I want to not only travel, but to move around a lot in my twenties. When I was 19 and was planning my little adventure Paris, I also […]

  • My Journey
  • Update from the Home Office

    Tonight I’m isolating myself (and will do so for half of the week) to work as much as possible with my businesses, the blog and on myself🙏🏼 Because SOON, two Swedish friends will visit me and I can’t wait!😬👏🏼 So I’ll stay here in front of my computer, with a coffee (will switch to tea […]

  • Happiness
  • Messy Mind

    Sometimes we feel like our minds are working so much it’s too much. Thinking becomes overthinking. Our mind is a mess. The thoughts and the emotions makes it hard to focus on our daily tasks, hard to focus on what people are saying to us, hard to relax and to see things clearly. We have […]