Becoming Who I Want to Be – The Third Month

Becoming Who I Want To Be (3)

Three months ago I started a project. A project to go from being lost and unmotivated, to get back to joyful me and from there become the ideal me. On the 16th of May I wrote down my feelings and my goals for the next coming month of this project in a blog post. You can read it here.

I wrote an update on the project the first and the second month.

I’m now three months into the project and this month’s “report” will be slightly shorter. I’ve been productive in many ways but not so structured and I’ve been really bad at documenting ^^’ From this week I’ll get stricter with it since I know how amazing it is to track one’s progress!

How I felt one month ago

One month ago, I was in a transition. I had just come home from Paris and I was grieving it a little. At the same time, I was happy to be home for the first time in 9 months. I felt quite calm and peaceful. I felt as if I was on the right path even though not everything was crystal clear. I felt free, freer than ever before.

How I feel now

Right now, I feel adventurous. I’m leaving the country again i 10 days and it’s quite impulsive. But I’m really excited to face the challenge of doing what I will be doing the next few months. I said I wanted to live a gypsy life for a little while and this might just be it. I’m still not feeling as organized as I was once in Paris, but it’s alright. I’ll probably be back at it in around two weeks. Right now I’m preparing lots.

What have I done this month

I feel like this month has been half lazy, half productive. I’ve had many calm and comfortable days but also fun days and nights out. It started quite slow and free. Then I got shopping done, parties, birthdays and friend dates. I got more and more into work and into the progress of this blog. Suddenly, last week, things started to move fast. And boom – I’m preparing for leaving the country once more.

I would like to say that even if I’ve had a good month, I feel like I’ve lost some of my progress. The physical and the spiritual progress I had made before coming home has kind of disappeared. Like I’ve taken one or two steps back. The mental progress is still there and I have even evolved more in this area. But I thought I would extend this project until May 2017 so that it goes on for a year. That is plenty of time to evolve.

I have also during this month felt like I have a few important goals;

  1. Be as authentic to myself as possible
  2. To strive for more mindfulness in my every day and be more focused on the present
  3. Bring back some of my old passions

Last month I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve this month;

  • Be back in my routines (sleep, food, training, work, goals etc)
    • X I am in all honestly not entirely back to my routines. I’ve basically had a vacation at home and when I go abroad again, it’s for work. The sleep has been really bad, and as I’m writing this, I’ve been up for 21 hours and have about 10 hours left until I can sleep again. That will hopefully turn it all around. I’ve done some training, but more like 1-2 times a week than 3-4. No beach body this year! 😉
  • Have updated my CV, LinkedIn profile and have a clear plan regarding work
    • ✓XX I have updated my CV but I haven’t updated my LinkedIn yet and I don’t have a very clear plan regarding work other that the place I’m going in 10 days and the people I’ll be working with. Then I’ll have to take it from there basically. I’ll set up goals and all once I’ve arrived, but for now I’m letting it rest.
  • Have made some improvements to Happy Careerista and started investing more into the brand
    • ✓ Oui oui oui, Happy Careerista is updated with a new domain, design and also some new design on social medias! My host is Fly High Media in case you were wondering. My friend Matt is running it. Say hello from me if you contact him 😉
  • Have spent time catching up with family and friends
    • ✓ Yep! I haven’t seen all my friends and there will be many that I won’t see for a while since I’m leaving soon again, but I’ve still catched up with some of my closest ones and spent some time with my mother.
  • Have re-read my favorite book
    • X Well, I’m still reading it. Not completely done yet…
  • Take proper care of myself
    • ✓ Except for a perfect diet and more than 2 work outs a week, I feel like I’ve become better at pampering myself.
  • Feel 100% like I’m heading into the right direction in my life in Stockholm
    • ✓ I suppose, even though my “life in Stockholm” just became my vacation. But it was definitely right!

I achieved a big part of my goals – good job for a half lazy month!

Next month I want to

  • Have all my visions and goals updated
  • Have all my profiles updated
  • Document everything again
  • Improved my routines
  • Gotten a great start at work and learn more every day

Ok that’s about it. I apologize if this post was a bit unclear and all over the place – mama hasn’t slept for many hours and is very sleepy while writing this. Next part of this project comes out September 4th. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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  1. This is such a great idea, setting yourself goals to complete each month and writing down your progress. I think I need to try something like that. In regards to you feeling like you’ve taken a few steps back – don’t worry about it! You’re young, confident and you seem to love what you do, so you’ll have no problem getting your progress back. I believe in you!

    1. missaeriksson says: Reply

      Thank you so much, hun! Setting goals, documenting and then looking at the progress at the end of the month is very helpful in personal development. And I’m sure I’ll get it back, I already am and I’m heading in an even more exciting direction 😀

      Much love, Andrea

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