Bringing Back My Old Passions


As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I want to bring back some of my old passions. These are things that I have, for some reason, stopped doing or just don’t do as often anymore. Bringing these back, is like I’m reuniting with some of the most precious parts of my true self. Things I love doing and could do for ages.


Since I was very small, I have loved drawing. And actually not just drawing  but also designing. I want to draw more in my spare time. It’s actually really good for stress relief and to get the creativity flowing. I want to design houses, cars and clothes again! I want to doodle as a way of disconnecting from the busy life I have.


Creative Writing

A second thing I used to do when I was younger, was creative writing. I may be writing a lot on this blog, but I used to write completely other things a few years ago. I loved writing lyrics for instance. Or poems if you prefer. Most of all, I loved writing fictional stories! I think the last lyric I wrote was years ago, my last poem was written to a special boy a while back and my last fictional story? I know I started some when I got bored of studying in high school. However, I would love to write poems about my experiences in life. Maybe I should get a notebook for just poems? Hm..



Yes, I know, I’m way into writing but that’s just who I am and have always been. I started writing diaries in 2009. Pretty much ever since, I’ve documented my life by writing in diaries weekly. But in the end of 2015, I lost it. I think my life was so eventful (or at least I was busy living and experiencing the love affair with Paris) that I forgot to write in my diary. The first half of this year has been very challenging for me and a diary would have been very helpful. I used to write down my thoughts through my teenage to clear my mind. But it wasn’t a habit anymore and I couldn’t use what I had left of my 2015-diary. I always have to start on a new diary when it’s a new year.

Right before I left Paris, I bought a thin notebook with a beautiful cover. I thought I would try to write a diary again and I’ve actually started doing so! Even if it will only cover half of this year 😛 Anyway, it’s a great way to document every thought, feeling and experience you may have.

Top view of a work desk with coffee and mobile phone


I am a sucker for dance. I love watching chorographies. The best part of clubbing is dancing. When dancing, I just disappear into the music. I’m far from sporty, but dancing I love. When I was little, I really wanted to take dance classes, especially street dance. I loved playing the Wii games like Just Dance. I could go on for hours without wanting to stop! I really want to dance more, either just for fun or as an exercise.


Bonus – Being a Fan Girl

I think most of us fall in love with one or several singers/bands during our teenage and I’m guilty of this one too. When I was younger, my life was so simple. I would listen to their music and watch their music videos all day long 😉

One of my childhood idols might be releasing a new album this year. If she does, I will spend the rest of this year listening to it religiously, admiring every creative thing she does, quoting lines from every song. Yes, I will be very annoying. But I don’t care, because as always, I’m a proud fan!

Do you have any old passions you’d like to reintroduce to your life? Tell me all about them in the comment section! 🙂


2 Replies to “Bringing Back My Old Passions”

  1. Ja en del saker undrar man varför det bara rann ut i sanden fast man älskade att göra det. För mig är det läsningen och körsången som blev bortprioriterade. Men ska försöka ta upp dem igen ☺️

    1. missaeriksson says: Reply

      Åhhh läsning är faktiskt en för mig med! Har läst en del e-böcker på sistone och för mig är det inte samma sak.. Längtar tills jag får läsa en fysisk bok med en kopp te/kaffe igen ^^

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