Looking Through the Archives

Looking Through the

And another week has come to an end!

This week I shared an old blog post every day on my Facebook page (go like if you haven’t already!). It’s really interesting to see how I grow on so many levels during only a few months. I’ve had this blog for 10 months and during these months, I’ve written almost 140 posts. Some of you are new readers and maybe it would be interesting for you to read the old ones as well! Here are 7 old posts I’ve picked out from the archives;

  1. Don’t be the Suffering Woman behind the Man, Feb 25th
  2. You’re Spiritually Beautiful, Mar 9th
  3. How to Become Your Own Best Friend, Apr 28th
  4. How to meet New Business Contacts, Mar 18th
  5. Quality over Quantity, Oct 28th
  6. The Power of a Mastermind, Jan 27th
  7. What’s Really Meaningful – My Message, Oct 29th

Have a great read! <3


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