The Imaginary Advisory Board


In the past, I’ve written two similar posts to this one. Lifestyle Influencers and Mentors. I thought I’d do a slightly updated one;

I have an imaginary advisory board. I have a few people I look up to in different areas. I don’t know any of them personally, but I am constantly updating myself about what they do. When I read about them or watch them, I always feel inspired in a certain area because they are living the life I want. This is a great way of motivating yourself. This is my advisory board;

Isabella Löwengrip – Entrepreneurship & Lifestyle


Who is she: Isabella Löwengrip is among Sweden’s biggest lifestyle bloggers. She is also famous for being one of the country’s young female multi-entrepreneurs. She started at the age of 16 when she turned her blog into a business. From there she has started 10 businesses in total, written 4 books and is also an investor. She’s today 25 years old, married and has two kids.

Why she inspires me in entrepreneurship & lifestyle;

If I decided to live in Sweden for the rest of my life, I would like to have a life identical to hers. She has a house just a few minutes away from mine, is a young entrepreneur, wife and mother. She has several businesses in different fields, writes books, blogs and drive a BMW. She enjoys good food and reads loads. Her life seems both so exciting and so cozy. I would just add a dog (she had one, but had to give him away due to allergy).

Michelle Phan – Creativity & Entrepreneurship


Who is she: Michelle Phan is a Youtube sensation in the makeup category. Over the years she has gone from a young college student passionate about make up to a real art-repreneur. She has a monthly beauty subscription brand, a make up brand, her own webtoon, a beauty network, her blog and of course her Youtube channel. It is mostly surrounded by beauty but she is a really talented artist and business woman. Her creativity has made her to the 30 under 30 list by Forbes.

Why she inspires me in creativity & entrepreneurship;

I am a huge fan of art and creativity. Just watching Michelle’s videos makes me aesthetically satisfied… It’s all so pretty! And I love how she has built an empire around her passions. I see myself going in that creative direction in the future as well.

Lady Gaga – Creativity


Who is she: If you don’t know Lady Gaga, you must be from another planet. Although I can tell you that she’s one of the biggest pop stars of our time, whether you like her or not. She is mostly famous for her outer appearance as she’s obsessed with changing the way she looks.

Why she inspires me in creativity: If you watch all her music videos, take a look at her live shows and her outfits, there’s a LOT of creativity behind them. And let’s ot forget about the music and the often times clever lyrics. Ever since I was 12, she has just stunned me over and over again with her crazy ideas. Who has their stage looking like a castle during their tour? Who makes a bra out of a disco ball? I can’t wait to see what she got coming next.

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita/Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman – Relationships

jennajulien jimtanya

Who are they: As you may already have guessed, both of these are romantic couples. They are also a bunch of Youtubers. As some of my friends know, Youtube is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I like to relax by being inspiring by these people. Jenna Marbles is one of the biggest female comedians on Youtube and her boyfriend Julien is a vlogger. Tanya Burr is one of the UK’s biggest beauty gurus and she is married to her long term boyfriend, Jim who makes a range of different types of videos.

Why they inspire me in relationships: What I like about these couples is the team spirit they both have. They clearly have a strong bond, are endlessly supportive of each other and are best friends. Every couple is different. Some are lovey dovey and some are like best buddies. I’m used to being in lovey dovey relationships, but one of the key things to me in a relationship is the team spirit and a strong bond. Jenna and Julien can be absolutely weird and comfortable together. Jim and Tanya are constantly encouraging and uplifting towards each other. I’m a sucker for cute relationships and adore many couples but these two have some key elements I want in my dream relationship.

Cassey Ho – Fitness & Energy


Who is she: You might be noticing a trend here. Cassey is the lady behind the Youtube channel Blogilates and has created new sorts of Pilates that are held in classes in various gyms. She has also launched her own active wear line and is constantly an ambassador for health and postivity.

Why she inspires me in fitness & energy: Thanks to Cassey, I fell in love with Pilates this year. She is extremely positive and energetic in her videos, it’s contagious!  And she’s my type of fitness person – it’s not about being super skinny with a thigh gap, it’s about having a strong body and loving yourself.

Lindy Tsang/Kandee Johnson – Kindness & Empathy

lindy kandee

Who are they: These two ladies are also Youtubers. One’s from the US and the other one from Northern Ireland. Both are in the beauty section and Kandee is also a transformation guru. She can turn herself into a barbie, Jack Sparrow,

Why they inspire me in kindness & empathy: Even though I enjoy watching videos of their talent in make up, I love when they speak their minds. They both are so sweet and kind. There should be more people like Lindy and Kandee. They have such beautiful hearts. Lindy likes to see things from the bright side and Kandee wants to motivate anyone who’s not feeling well that day. She takes time of her day to write Facebook posts to encourage sad people to carry on. These girls are the definition of love & light.

Karin Nordlander – Spirituality


Who is she: Karin is one of the authors of my favorite personal development book. She has met may obstacles in her life and have because of them learned a lot about what makes us happy – for real. She now works with intuitive therapy and meditation.

Why she inspires me: As soon as I started reading her book, I was hooked. First time I read it was 4 years ago and now I’m re-reading it. It’s kind of like a bible for my spiritual health. Whenever I have to make an important decision, I think about this book and what she would advice me to do.

Yep, these are almost only women! I do not discriminate men, I just think I simply relate to a lot of women. I noticed a male friend of mine mainly look up to men. Sometimes it’s just how we relate and nothing sexist about it.

These are all relatively famous, but I have inspiring friends as well. I just thought I would present some people that you all can look up and follow.

I would like to end this post with a little shout out to the sweet Akriti at aredseptemberblog for featuring me on her blog. Go give her some love and positive vibes! <3


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