Greetings From…


Three weeks of silence, really? Where did the time go? The reason why I’ve been gone for so long is because I’ve been really busy with a new country, new people, new home, new language, new friends, new puppy, new job etc. And on top of that; no wifi from time to time.

So where am I really? I’m currently in the Netherlands! That is the next destination I talked about. I’ve been here now for three weeks and there was a whole lot to take in.

Why Holland? It wasn’t because of the country this time, but about the opportunity I got. One of my best friends live here and he presented me an opportunity he thought I would fit for. So I decided to take a flight here and try it out for three months.

With this opportunity, I’ve also decided to not write about it too much on the blog. I want to focus on writing about my thoughts and philosophies for now. Maybe one day I’ll share what I’m doing with you but with respect for my team, I would like to keep it off the internet. What I can say for now, is that I’m in a learning position.

So, Hello Netherlands! It will be three very interesting months with you 😀


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