What I’ve Realized about Routines


Routines. Habits. Plans.

These are three very common words in the business- and personal development world. The big names in PD often share their different routines with us. What they do every morning, at work, when they get home from work, when they’re at the gym etc. I have also spoken about mine. But I’ve also realized something about routines.

If you want to be an entrepreneur with more than one business, routines might not always work. 

Did I hear a few gasps? I’m sorry to say it, but routines might not always work in the entrepreneurial life and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s only normal that you can’t plan a whole day without having the plan change during the day. One day you might have planned your day down to the detailed and chosen to put most of your time on work. But then you might get a call from your best friend who is feeling really down and need urgent support. What will you do? Go to them and be a friend or stick to the plan?

And then there’s another fact;

There will always be problems in business (and in life).

When you have several ventures with employees, business partners, producers and so on, you will stumble across issues every week. People get sick. People make mistakes. Your business partner might decide, out of no where, to sell all their belongings and go to Bali for a more relaxed lifestyle. Maybe you’ll be forced to skip your detailed one hour long morning routine, four days of the week.

We are all different. Maybe routines work perfectly for you. Then great! For me, routines are hard to stick to. Especially where I am right now in my life. And I’m ok with it. I focus more on habits and doing my best sticking to them. Sleeping a certain amount of hours every night. Eating fruits, veggies and nuts every day. Drinking lots of water. Learn something new every week. Practice languages. Work out 3-4 times a week. The list of habits are long but I manage to do at least 80% of them per week since they are realistic and I do them whenever it suits best. Sometimes I have time to work out in the morning. Other days in the evening.

Do routines work for you? How does your routine look like? Or are you more like me? Let me know in the comment section! 🙂

Have a beautiful Friday!


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