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  • A Little Message

    “Everybody’s got to love each other Stop throwin’ stones at your sisters and your brothers Man, it wasn’t that long ago we were all living in the jungle So why do we gotta put each other down When there’s more than enough love to g-g-go around?” “Come to mama Tell me who hurt ya There’s […]

  • Belgium
  • A Dutch Getaway

    Good evening dear readers. Should I start calling you something? If you have suggestions for a name, please let me know! ^^ I just got to Nijmegen where I currently live after a getaway to Zeeland on the coast of the Netherlands. I was in the middle of nature with no internet. That was really […]

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  • Thoughts of a Gypsy

    I’m just a passionate woman An artificial red head with roots in two separate cultures Somehow I feel like I’ve created my own I’m a warm North European I’m a cold South Asian  Where do I belong? ~ First I must walk this gypsy path I must wear my armor I must go against them, […]