A Dutch Getaway


Good evening dear readers. Should I start calling you something? If you have suggestions for a name, please let me know! ^^

I just got to Nijmegen where I currently live after a getaway to Zeeland on the coast of the Netherlands. I was in the middle of nature with no internet. That was really needed, guys. I slept a lot, inhaled fresh air, got some alone time and wrote. To be honest, I wrote more than four texts for the blog. I just sat in my room, drank a cup of green tea and the words just poured out of me. That was an amazing feeling. Being there also helped me evaluate my life the way it is right now and what I should keep doing and what I should change. Now I’m so ready to start a new period of work tomorrow!


Except for Zeeland, I also took a trip to Antwerp (Anvers pour les francaises 😉 ). I love how small Europe is sometimes. You can just take the car and drive for a few minutes and voilà, you’re in another country. For me, the Belgian border was five minutes away and in Nijmegen, Germany is less than 30 minutes away. This gave the idea to check the distance between Nijmegen and Paris. 501 km! That’s almost the distance between Stockholm and Gotherburg, two Swedish cities. Wow. If I still live in Nijmegen when I get my driver’s license, I am so going on a road trip to France.


Now I’m rambling. I just wanted to give you a little update on how I’m doing. Next post up tomorrow! Sleep tight, friends x


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