Joanne by Lady Gaga – Review


Since Joanne was released, I debated the question with myself, whether I should write a post about the album or not. This blog is not about music. But then again, I’ve mentioned Lady Gaga many times as one of my inspirations in life. That means that every album that she comes out with, is important to me. It’s something I basically celebrate. All of her albums symbolizes something for me or a time in my life. The Fame and The Fame Monster reminds me of the creative inspiration she gave me when I was 12 to 14 years old. She inspired me to “dare to be different”. Born This Way helped me be a confident and happy teenager between 14 and 17. ARTPOP was again an electric color bomb of inspiration during a time when I experimented with art and spirituality at 17.



Now Joanne is an album Gaga made after spending a lot more time with her family and friends. She has gone back to her roots a bit but at the same time she is more mature than ever. She is being really raw, singing with so much emotion and tells a story in every song. Her songs have always had quite abstract meanings. They really are art – the interpretation depends on the interpreter. In this album, however, the songs are really crystal clear. Pure communication. And it’s funny. Because right now, my focus is family, friends, raw passion for life and pure communication. I am maturing but also reconnecting with sides of me that I forgot about. This album might be different than her previous ones (no electropop and craziness) but it speaks to me just as the others did. I almost think that Lady Gaga is my soul mate in music haha 😛

The songs are all beautiful with real emotion. You can feel 60’s and 80’s vibes from it, and you know what? I really like that. Why should she try to make hits that suit today’s mainstream audience when this is what she wants to tell the world?

Here are the top songs according to my opinion;

  1. Perfect Illusion ⋆ This one is my favorite because of the adrenaline kick I get from its rawness.
  2. A-YO ⋆ I love A-YO because it’s happy and a bit cocky. It’s fun and it’s a real mood booster.
  3. John Wayne ⋆ A very Gaga song, which I love. A song about a strong woman who needs a “real, wild man”.
  4. Diamond Heart ⋆ “I’m not flawless but I’ve got diamond heart”. I loved listening to this while driving.
  5. Come to Mama ⋆ What I love about this song is the 60’s feeling. Plus, it’s a great message.
  6. Million Reasons ⋆ This song really makes me sing along. It’s also very relatable.
  7. Sinner’s Prayer ⋆ This is one of the most country sounding songs, but it makes me sing along just like MR.
  8. Dancin’ In Circles
  9. Grigio Girls
  10. Angel Down
  11. Hey Girl (feat. Florence Welch)
  12. Joanne
  13. Just Another Day

Now check the album out yourself; on Spotify and buy it on Itunes.

Thank you to Lady Gaga (or should I say Joanne?) for having the guts to do whatever her hearts says is right. Thank you for the music and the inspiration! <3


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