When Do You Hear Your Intuition Best?


Our ego can sometimes be like a whiny child. All you hear is it going on and on about what you don’t have, what you should’ve done, what other people should’ve done and blame others.

Our soul is like a wise parent or grandparent if you like. It carries an enormous wisdom and has a calm voice.

This child and its parent is in the same room. The child is speaking really loud. The parent is speaking with a calm, smooth voice. And it that same room, you add all the people that are around you right now. They all have a voice with a certain volume. Now imagine how they’re all speaking at the same time. And you are blindfolded. You have to figure out which voice is your intuition. Not the simplest task, I know. Within us we have more than one voice. And even if the people around us aren’t always talking, they can influence us.

But you want to hear only one voice – your intuition. What should you do to hear it?

Simple – you have to get away from the people around you. Not just the people in the same room as you, but also the people in your phone, on the TV, on your computer etc. You need complete peace and complete silence. Lock yourself in a calm room or go to a calm spot. Then give yourself some time to wind down. Meditate if you have to.

When you feel calm and at peace, you can start searching for your intuition again. You can start asking your soul to connect with you. You’ll still hear your ego. But the intuition will be much easier to hear this time. Have faith in that you can separate the two. The intuition’s voice will be calm, but so much more powerful. If you try to search for it a few times, you’ll hear the intuition louder and louder. Its answer will make more sense that the ego’s. You’ll know.

So if you’re in a similar situation as I am – among people all the time – make sure you get a moment of complete peace and quiet now and then.


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