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This post has been forming in my head over the last two weeks and now finally I get some time to write it down. What I will tell you in this post feels like a message from deep down that just needs to come out. That needs to be shared and spread. So here goes;

Over the last few years, I’ve learned and read a lot about love and relationships, and here are my beliefs;

You can love more than one person

Some people like to believe that you can only truly love one person, but I don’t think that this is correct. Yes, some people only fall in love once, but I think that most of us fall in love a few times during our lifetime. You can love more than one person, during your life and love them at the same time. However, I think that you love every person differently. Love has different depths and volumes. Some loves are just peaceful and calm. Some are passionate and pulsating. Some loves are a fusion of both peace and passion.

Sexual attraction doesn’t necessary equal love

During our life time, we will meet a lot of attractive people. We will even meet attractive people when we already are committed to someone. It doesn’t mean that you would be unfaithful. It’s just biological and completely normal.

When you experience sexual attraction to someone, doesn’t it mean that you could have a beautiful loving relationship with them. That is why one of you normally asks the other one out to get to know the other one better. So just because you meet someone attractive, don’t be so sure that you would be good together after seeing them only a few times. A relationship needs much more than physical attraction to be a happy one.

We meet more than one lovable person in our life 

Not only will you meet more than one physically attractive person in your life. You will also meet more than one lovable person. There are many souls out there who might spark something in you that feels warm and soft. Love. Even if you meet several people you could love, doesn’t it either mean that they are perfect partners for you. I know a few guys I think are great people. I could probably love them. I don’t think we could work long term, but I could love them as the people they are.

Sometimes our souls connect with other souls and it can be amazing

Physical attraction, love – and spiritual connection. The expression “soul mate” is often used when describing the love of our life. That one person who we want to spend the rest of our life with. According to many, there is only one soul mate for each person. Even I used to use that word and believe in it. But then I realized that there are more than one soul mate for me. There aren’t many, but more than one could be out there. I have felt that deep connection, not to many but a few. I can count them on one hand. With these people you have a connection which is rare and can’t really be explained with words. But you know the feeling. We can have this spiritual connection to a few souls around you but it’s still rare. That is why some of us marry the first soulmate we meet.

And then there’s one person you belong with and are destined to be with

“Twin flame” is not as common as “soul mate”. You might have read or heard about it somewhere, but it’s not used often. However, we talk about it more and more now a days. A twin flame is supposed to be a person who shares your soul. You are the same person. It is described to be the best relationship you could ever have. You can only have one twin flame. But to reunite with them, you have to be spiritually ready. They say that some twin flames never get ready to reunite and never meet. Sometimes you meet your twin flame but you aren’t ready, so you go separate ways until you are ready to reunite again.  Once you’re ready, you will always belong together, even through ups and downs.

Maybe I’m a bit too optimistic. Maybe I’ve gone completely hippie. But I’ve experienced and seen what the spiritual world can do. That makes me believe in the theory of twin flames. I’m not sure if I have found mine, but I’m not sure if I haven’t found him either. Only time will tell and I have no worries at all. You shouldn’t either.

So think twice before marrying someone you mostly feel physically attracted to. If you have a strong feeling that someone might be your soul mate or even twin flame, find out!

Which ones have you encountered so far? Do you think twin flames exist and if so, do you think that you’ve met yours yet?


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