You were a Strict Teacher, 2016

Oh 2016. What a year. You demanded so much energy out of me. So much hard work. So many tears. You threw me out into the deep end of the ocean. Once again, I was reminded of what a warrior I am. Even in the lowest moments, I believed in myself. I pushed myself to keep going. I’m so grateful to be blessed with the inner strength I have. I wish all people could feel that power within them even when life is shitty.

Everywhere, I see people complaining about 2016 and how messy it was. Last year indeed had many sad moments. More terror attacks. The still ongoing war in Syria. Legends like David Bowie, Prince and George Michael passed away. Many of my friends lost their loved ones. Relationships no one thought would break broke.

2016 was a challenging year, at least for me. It went kind of like this; during the first half of the year, I went further and further away from my intuition. I tried to do what was expected of me. In May I was finally completely lost. My spark was so dimmed and I didn’t know exactly where I was going. I hit rock bottom. But I knew that hitting rock bottom just meant that it would just get better from that point.

So I woke up. I started changing things. I spent time processing the past few months. Analyzing my mistakes. I realized so much that I had to write everything down. I got happier and happier. I got more aligned with myself. I got more of what I wanted. I could see how everything that had happened made sense in the end.

Challenges are not negative though. Because of all these challenges, I learned a huge amount of lessons on all levels in life. 2016 taught me what I need to work on in my personality to be successful. 2016 taught me what a healthy relationship is and what works long term (and what doesn’t work). 2016 helped me get closer to the authentic me. 2016 led me to the right path.

2016 had its positive moments as well. Here are some highlights from my year;

  • My understanding of French developed like crazy. I went from understand a few words here and there to understanding most what people say to me, even if they speak fast.
  • When someone close to me took me to Normandie in France. Even if I wasn’t in my happiest state, the gesture meant a lot to me.
  • TEDxIHEParis. One of the most fun projects I’ve ever been involved in and I won many new awesome friends from it!
  • UEFA Euro 2016 made Paris even more buzzed! I met people from around Europe and watched some of the games with new friends.
  • I built purer friendships.
  • In July, I went home to Stockholm and met my mom after 9 months apart.
  • I had an amazing and relaxing summer in my city.
  • I took the biggest step in my career so far and I am so grateful for what I have now.
  • I moved to Holland and started learning a little Dutch.
  • I got a lot of fan girl material from Lady Gaga. New album, new videos, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performances etc. Music for my soul once again!
  • I finally dyed my hair red and I am in love with the color.
  • I celebrated the holidays with the people I’ve been searching for since the beginning of this year <3 Thank you for the joy you bring me every day!










There is both an excitement and a peace in me. A peace because I’m acting more from my heart and intuition. An excitement because I have a feeling that 2017 will be something else than 2016 and in a positive way. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring us <3

I wish you all a happy new year with positive energy and a lot of love. Take care and let’s smash this year together!


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