My Focus for 2017

My Focus for 2017

In 2014, I partied, I tried to love, I traveled, I enjoyed being a young adult.

In 2015, I partied even more, I loved for real, I started my real adult life, I enjoyed being an independent woman.

In 2016, I worked hard, made important decisions, changed location once again, joined the people I had been searching for.

2017 is an important year. I can feel it. In my previous post, I said that 2016 taught me a lot. Well, I had many new insights about life and who I am since 2017 started.

I’m an energy giver

I always knew that I appreciated my own space. After a conversation with a close friend, I understood a very important reason why I do. I’m an energy giver. The normal, balanced Andrea is a person with a lot of positive energy. I’m always smiling and I enjoy talking to people. But recently I’ve felt more and more anti-social. I smile less. I feel tired even if I sleep enough. I just want to be left alone. Now I understand why! Since I see people almost everyday, people who are energy takers, I don’t have much energy left at the end of the day. I spend more than I have. I need that space for myself to recharge and just reconnect with my soul. It makes sense to me. I’ve recently started to have a full day off almost every week and because of that I’ve been able to reconnect with myself again. And learned more about myself;

I have wounds to heal

My positive attitude towards life has kept me going all this time and has kind of worked like a patch for my wounds. It is now that I have ripped off the patches and can see the wounds I have to heal. Wounds that have been there for a very long time and new ones. My heart- and throat chakras are also under-active and that’s rooted in some of these wounds. This year, I want to heal myself. Or at least start. I deserve to be able to love unconditionally without constantly holding up my guard. I deserve to be able to express myself freely without feeling like I bother anyone.

Love the people who deserve it

Even though my heart chakra is under-active (and my emotions tucked away), I know how intensively I’m capable to love. Related to my wounds, I have a slightly complicated relationship to men. I can’t reply on them 100% but I can love and take care of them 110%. I will go more into this topic another time. However, I want to convert this love I can bring out for a man to my friends and family. They deserve it a lot more right now. They are worth investing in.

Keep building and learning

For the past 6 months I have been building my career rapidly and throughout this year I want to continue doing so. I’m working on my big goals and dreams and this year is perfect for my career. I also want to keep learning about the industries I’m in plus get a driver’s license. It’s about time!

Continue my spiritual journey

The spiritual world is just opening up more and more. It started several years ago, but it’s accelerating now the more I seek answers. It’s an exciting time. I feel that 2017 will be a year of extreme spiritual growth as well as intellectual.


So. 2017 is the year where I want to focus on healing myself, make sure to recreate my inner positive energy (and block any energy thieves who do not deserve it), love friends and family more, keep building my career and myself intellectually and last but not least – grow even more spiritually.

What will you focus on in 2017?


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