Recently I’ve had trouble sleeping at night. My mind is more active than ever. It constantly plays a song in my head. It always wants me to write some things down in my visualizing book. It tells me to write blog posts about 10 different topics. It has an endless to do list. It dreams itself back to the past but also to the future. Recognize this feeling?

I just realized that this is the perfect timing to practice mindfulness. To set a time at night to shut off all electric devices and silent the mind through meditation. Now a days, I don’t have much time for deep meditation. Or at least that’s what my mind is telling me. Remember, I have an endless to do list!

Check out my fellow Swede’s blog post on how meditation has impacted him; http://www.thebusinessquotes.com/blog/

P.S. Yes, it’s 4.40 am when I’m writing this 😛

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