Social Media Break

I’ve been taking social media breaks for years. The first few times, my friends flipped out when they couldn’t find me on Facebook (remember guys? ūüėČ ). Then it became a thing that Andrea did regularly. Inactivated the Facebook account, logged out of Instagram and Snapchat and just enjoyed being more focused on the here and now.

Social media is amazing. It inspires us, it gives us a chance to follow our role models and stay updated with our friends’ lives. It also feeds our egos. In a negative way. We stalk people. We stalk people to see who¬†they are stalking. We see pictures that are airbrushed and perfected so that we feel less beautiful. You know this already. Social media can cause a lower self-esteem and it can even break relationships. A little DM between your girlfriend and a hot guy on Instagram can break the trust you have to your girlfriend.

[Here’s a similar post I wrote in February 2016]

Sometimes I find myself feeling less good, focused and happy because of social media and that’s when I take a break. Last year was challenging and I inactivated my Facebook account for several months. It felt good. I was a lot more present. I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Now it’s time for another. My focus is not where it should be. My ego is acting up and it’s time for me to focus on looking on the inside and less on the outside. The great thing as that all the time wasted on social media can be invested in things that matter. Like writing down my thoughts in blog posts. Spending time with people who matter.¬†Receiving¬†messages¬†from the soul.

So don’t worry. Even if I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone from social media (could be a week or a month), this blog will still be updated.

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