• Love
  • L O V E

    Love is the fuel of the living. Is there something more powerful than love? Some of us are addicted to it. In a constant search for it. Others are scared of it. Because love can make a wise person act stupid. Go completely blind. Love can make someone’s life. It can be the reason someone […]

  • Love
  • Was it a Perfect Illusion?

    Some of my readers might have noticed how much I like Lady Gaga. Some people like her a lot. And then there’s a group of people who say “that girl is crazy, remember the meat dress!?”. Sure, I do. She is a bit crazy. But she’s so much more than a meat dress. This post […]

  • Happiness
  • The Intuition vs The Ego

    The intuition can be known as your soul’s voice, your gut feeling or your heart. When we tell people to listen to their hearts, it means listen to their intuition. The intuition is our inner GPS as my favorite book, “Drömliv”, calls it. It is our inner internet and carries so much knowledge and wisdom, […]