• Happiness
  • Social Media Break

    I’ve been taking social media breaks for years. The first few times, my friends flipped out when they couldn’t find me on Facebook (remember guys? 😉 ). Then it became a thing that Andrea did regularly. Inactivated the Facebook account, logged out of Instagram and Snapchat and just enjoyed being more focused on the here […]

  • Love
  • L O V E

    Love is the fuel of the living. Is there something more powerful than love? Some of us are addicted to it. In a constant search for it. Others are scared of it. Because love can make a wise person act stupid. Go completely blind. Love can make someone’s life. It can be the reason someone […]

  • My Journey
  • My Focus for 2017

    In 2014, I partied, I tried to love, I traveled, I enjoyed being a young adult. In 2015, I partied even more, I loved for real, I started my real adult life, I enjoyed being an independent woman. In 2016, I worked hard, made important decisions, changed location once again, joined the people I had […]

  • My Journey
  • 3 Big Questions

    It’s time for another personal post which puts myself in focus. Something I’m not a big fan of, but people seem to like to know more about the person behind Happy Careerista. Little me 🙂 Lately, I’ve been asked 3 quite big questions about my life and my goals. I’d like to share my answers […]

  • Belgium
  • A Dutch Getaway

    Good evening dear readers. Should I start calling you something? If you have suggestions for a name, please let me know! ^^ I just got to Nijmegen where I currently live after a getaway to Zeeland on the coast of the Netherlands. I was in the middle of nature with no internet. That was really […]