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  • MindFULL

    Recently I’ve had trouble sleeping at night. My mind is more active than ever. It constantly plays a song in my head. It always wants me to write some things down in my visualizing book. It tells me to write blog posts about 10 different topics. It has an endless to do list. It dreams […]

  • Love
  • L O V E

    Love is the fuel of the living. Is there something more powerful than love? Some of us are addicted to it. In a constant search for it. Others are scared of it. Because love can make a wise person act stupid. Go completely blind. Love can make someone’s life. It can be the reason someone […]

  • My Journey
  • My Focus for 2017

    In 2014, I partied, I tried to love, I traveled, I enjoyed being a young adult. In 2015, I partied even more, I loved for real, I started my real adult life, I enjoyed being an independent woman. In 2016, I worked hard, made important decisions, changed location once again, joined the people I had […]

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  • A Little Message

    “Everybody’s got to love each other Stop throwin’ stones at your sisters and your brothers Man, it wasn’t that long ago we were all living in the jungle So why do we gotta put each other down When there’s more than enough love to g-g-go around?” “Come to mama Tell me who hurt ya There’s […]

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  • Thoughts of a Gypsy

    I’m just a passionate woman An artificial red head with roots in two separate cultures Somehow I feel like I’ve created my own I’m a warm North European I’m a cold South Asian  Where do I belong? ~ First I must walk this gypsy path I must wear my armor I must go against them, […]