• Belgium
  • A Dutch Getaway

    Good evening dear readers. Should I start calling you something? If you have suggestions for a name, please let me know! ^^ I just got to Nijmegen where I currently live after a getaway to Zeeland on the coast of the Netherlands. I was in the middle of nature with no internet. That was really […]

  • My Journey
  • ♕ Stockholm Baby ♕

    How have my two first weeks been? Well thank you for asking! It’s been quite calm. My focus has not been to see every friend, to go out party and go wild. On the contrary. I’ve given myself some time to get used to everything again. Sweden and France are two very different countries. I’ve […]

  • France
  • À Bientôt, Paris! ♡

      The end of a chapter and the beginning of another. ❤️ My last week in Paris has come to an end. Tomorrow is the day I fly home after nine whole months here. Three quarters of a year. Even if it’s not that long, it feels like I’ve done, seen and experienced so much. […]

  • France
  • Two Weeks Left

    Oh the time flies! I only have two more weeks in Paris. Suddenly I have to book meetings with all my friends here in order to properly say goodbye. And I have to hurry up doing some things I still have on my list! This weekend I ticked off a few though; I went inside […]